Over the past few weeks, we have released multiple tweaks and enhancements to Dynamic Planner, while work has continued on our new Cash Flow forecaster. Below is a quick recap of some of the recent changes we’ve made:

More room for ‘Client objectives’ – A small, but important tweak. We’ve increased the size of the objectives text boxes to give you more room to write the client’s objectives without having to do so much scrolling.

Easier to use summary valuations – It’s now far easier to add a summary valuation, thanks to a handy button to quickly remove all funds from a historic valuation. Now, you get the best of both worlds – funds pre-populated, but if you don’t want to provide a fund level breakdown, it’s easy to switch to a summary level valuation.

Question numbering – Again, a small but important enhancement for reports. We now number the risk profiling questions, so it’s much easier when having a discussion with the client about any specific responses they gave.

More detail for historic transactions – We’ve added the option to provide more detail about the historic contributions and withdrawals within the Client Review process, to help distinguish between new contributions, transfers, regular and single payments.

Meanwhile, we’ve got exciting changes on the horizon with the imminent launch of our new cash flow modeller – alongside a new way to explore all fund data available within Dynamic Planner. Keep an eye out for full details soon.

You can sign in to Dynamic Planner now to see all the above changes. And if you want a sneak peek of what’s coming – why not come along to one of our Autumn Training Academies? I’ll be previewing future enhancements during ‘The client journey A-Z’ week [10-12 Nov].

We hope you find enhancements useful in Dynamic Planner. As always, your feedback as clients is vital to helping us continue to improve Dynamic Planner for you. Please leave any feedback you have, however small, in the feedback portal. We read it all! Thank you.

As ever, please contact our Client Success team on 0333 6000 500 or at support@dynamicplanner.com with any issues you have.