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Sustainable investing is something your clients have a growing interest in. But how do you have a meaningful conversation here? In a complex area, where do you begin, and perhaps just as importantly, where do you sensibly close that discussion?

The 2021 UK government roadmap, ‘Greening Finance’ highlighted that the FCA is considering how best to incorporate sustainability within existing investment suitability rules. Equipping you to be ready, Dynamic Planner launched a then industry-first, a psychometric sustainability questionnaire, capturing a client’s sustainable investing preference in a clear and repeatable way.

Profile your clients’ sustainability preferences …

Dynamic Planner’s sustainability questionnaire is created by the team behind the UK’s leading risk profiling process. A client’s sustainability preference is profiled on a scale, like their attitude to risk, providing you with a foundation for a conversation and enabling you to match it with solutions with ESG ratings available to research in Dynamic Planner.

In Dynamic Planner, access independent and whole of market ESG research of more than 32,000 funds. Guard against greenwashing and trust that the research is objective and is rigorously completed by a 200-strong team of analysts at MSCI, a world leader in the field which has been doing it longer than anyone else.

  • Measure a client’s sustainability profile, from ‘low’ to ‘very high’
  • Questionnaire created by team behind the leading risk profiling process
  • Match a client’s preference to suitable investments in their portfolio
  • Assess funds’ suitability using whole of market ESG research from MSCI
  • Rigorous research enables you to confidently compare funds like for like

… and recommend ESG rated funds to match

Downloadable fund reports can be easily shared. How sustainable is an investment? What is its positive or negative impact on the world? Providing meaningful answers to such questions adds increasing value today for clients. 

Solutions receive clear ratings, from CCC to a top-rated AAA fund. For a benchmark, see how a solution ranks as a percentile within its peer group and against all others in MSCI’s ESG fund universe. Dive deeper and discuss a fund’s individual score out of 10, to one decimal point, in the three areas of Environmental, Social and of Governance. Compare scores to the peer average.

Read our guide to sustainable investing
At Watt Money, all our clients are invested in funds with an A to AAA ESG rating by MSCI. Having MSCI’s research available in Dynamic Planner makes our life more simple. It really helps us make a recommendation. We love it. It could otherwise cost you, as a business, thousands of pounds each year to access that.”
Andrew Watt
Watt Money

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