Our February release has just gone live with a number of fantastic improvements and enhancements to Dynamic Planner.

Royal London Valuations

First, we are pleased to announce that Royal London has joined us as an integration partner. You will now be able to obtain valuations for client holdings via Dynamic Planner.

Valuation integrations provide a quick and efficient way of keeping client holdings data up to date and accurate. Once your credentials are set up (following the links from the home page), you can request a valuation by simply entering the policy number in the client record. The product and funds will then be added to the client holdings with an up to date valuation, meaning you can proceed straight to portfolio analysis.

What have advisers said?

Dmitry Morgan of Morgan Financial Ltd: “From my point of view, the process was easy and seamless. Unipass worked perfectly and Dynamic Planner was able to override any previous information we put in about our clients’ pensions, without duplication. I tested it on two plans without incident. It was as if the option has always been available.”




The Royal London valuation supports the following products:

Investment products:
Retirement products:

You can find out more about using the valuations links in the ‘Setting Up and Requesting Electronic Valuations in Dynamic Planner’ guide available in Dynamic Planner from ‘User guides & support’.

Valuation Guide

OCFs in Portfolio Suitability Hub

Following the addition of the past performance charting tool, this month we’ve extended the coverage of OCF data in Dynamic Planner’s Portfolio Suitability Hub. You can see the fund OCF in the ‘Price and charges’ tab.

iO Integration

There were small tweaks made to the new iO integration following user feedback. The integration is now live and available in the iO store.


If you have any feedback or questions relating to Dynamic Planner’s new features, please get in touch with our Client Success team who will be happy to help.