Over the past few months, Dynamic Planner has been working closely with Intelliflo to provide an enhanced integration between Dynamic Planner and Intelligent Office (iO).

The result is a simple and fast integration, and one of 21 Dynamic Planner has with leading back-office systems, platforms and providers – all dedicated to helping your financial advice practice run more smoothly. Dynamic Planner integrations help provide you and your firm with an integrated, end-to-end process and ensure that what gets planned gets placed without any need for rekeying or uploading.

The new Dynamic Planner iO integration provides you with a seamless journey, removing manual exporting and importing steps from the process. It is available now in the iO store.

How does it work?

Once the integration is installed into your iO account, you’ll find a new option in the client actions menu – ‘Add to Dynamic Planner’. At the touch of a button, the new integration will enable you to quickly and securely pull across client details and holdings into Dynamic Planner.

It avoids any need for rekeying – reducing your costs, saving you time and improving your efficiency. Your client’s arrangements are then in Dynamic Planner, freeing your time to focus on what you and your team do best: financial planning.

The new integration works both ways. Any recommendations or reports you make in Dynamic Planner will be sent back to iO, helping minimise the time required to keep your back office up to date and helping integrate Dynamic Planner further into your business processes.

Available now

You can find the new Dynamic Planner iO integration in the iO Store now. If you need any support in getting setup, please contact the Dynamic Planner Client Success Team or your iO Account Manager.