Back in October, we extended the range of asset classes covered by Dynamic Planner, giving you access to unprecedented precision in the risk analysis performed on your client’s current and recommended portfolios.

We have updated the recommendations section in Dynamic Planner to help you see the additional data available to you when constructing a portfolio. Next time you make a recommendation, you will see a new checkbox allowing you to toggle between the high level (17) and low level (49) asset classes.

Asset Allocation Screenshot


We have also added the efficient frontier to the recommendations screen – so while you are rebalancing the portfolio you can see the resulting risk analysis in real time.


Efficient Frontier Graph


Both of these changes help the process of making recommendations in Dynamic Planner. Once you have made a recommendation, the reports available from Dynamic Planner will enable you to demonstrate to your client how the recommended portfolio meets their selected risk profile. You will see this in the Risk Profiling Report, Asset Allocation Report and the Investment & Retirement Financial Plan.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this early Christmas present from Dynamic Planner!

We look forward to meeting users at our upcoming Conference’s, Manchester on the 24th January and London 6th February.

Today we are releasing some powerful changes to Dynamic Planner’s Asset and Risk Model.

We are updating Dynamic Planner to use more granular asset allocation data for funds, with the objective of providing enhanced precision of risk analysis. This enhancement is enabled by incorporating the additional analysis conducted by our Asset and Risk Modelling (ARM) team, who have developed a set of capital market assumptions across 49 asset classes.

The process is used by the team to provide deep-dive analysis of underlying fund holdings as part of Dynamic Planner’s Risk Target Managed and Fund Risk Profiling service. The much wider spectrum of asset class assumptions is also being applied to funds outside the formal risk profiling service, where the data available in the Financial Express data feed provides sufficient granularity.

What changes will I see in Dynamic Planner?

Extended Asset Classes

To keep things simple, we’re using a hierarchy of asset classes. Rather than seeing 49 asset classes in your asset allocation pie charts, you’ll see an aggregated 17 asset classes – very similar to the asset classes you saw previously. So while, behind the scenes, Dynamic Planner will hold specific assumptions for UK Small Cap Equities, you’ll continue to see ‘UK Equities’ as the main asset class.

The main time you’ll see the 49 asset classes is if you edit the asset allocation for a fund. Because the risk analysis is driven from the lower level asset classes, we need to know the fund’s allocation to that level. Don’t worry – you can still provide an allocation for ‘UK Equity’ without having to break it down to Small / Mid / Large Cap.

Asset Class Diagram

Cash Allocations

As part of the extended asset class definitions, we’re introducing a distinction between Money Market and Deposit Cash. These will now be two separate asset classes, with Cash (Deposit) used as the benchmark allocation for Risk Profile 1.

The benchmark allocations will be updated as part of this release in line with our regular Investment Committee review. Details are available to registered users on request.

Risk Profile descriptions

Due to the names of several of the asset classes changing, we’ve made minor changes to The Risk Profile descriptions for consistency. The new descriptions will be available in the ‘User guides & support’ section of Dynamic Planner.

Fund Research in Portfolio Suitability Hub

The ‘Primary asset class’ fund filter will be updated to allow you to find funds based on their allocation to the wider, 49-asset class model. This will allow you to perform more granular whole of market fund research in Dynamic Planner.

Need more help and support?

If you need any additional help or support in respect of the asset class enhancements, or any other aspect of Dynamic Planner, please get in touch with the Client Success Team who will be happy to help. We also have more of our popular Training Academy sessions around the UK over October and November, where the Dynamic Planner team will provide case studies and look at the upcoming changes and enhancements.